New CD – Lyrics

The lyrics below are from one of the new tracks, Answers. Posting them to clarify some earlier quotes. Thx

Stop and then explain this
The words you say are painless
It’s easier to kill these plans

Stop packing up these boxes
These garbage bags of dresses
And tell me I don’t understand

The words say I believe you
The clerks here, they don’t have to
It’s talking just to lose yourself

You wanted them to save you
To ask you why’d stay here
When you likened this to your new hell

I’m losing faith
In what I say

You sit staring in a car park
expecting me to follow
I’ve learned to walk the other way

And out of all my answers
The ones that I’ve recanted
I regret most what I couldn’t say

The things you said to mock me
For reasons that were clearly
the work of someone else’s head

Said more to stop the ending
From becoming what’s intended
When you insist that you’re last one in

And as your martyrs lost their pages
I fed them lines in stages
From the last days of our broken home

I wanted them to notice
How wrong it was to do this
How far you’d go when left alone






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