Month: November 2009

  • Music Video Just Out. A MySpace Video Exclusive!

    One more song from the latest CD has made it to video. This time, it’s one of the saddest songs of the year, Performing. Troy performed the song solo for the record and its lyrical content seems befitting of a video featuring building implosions, a mixed martial arts knockout, a surfing wipeout, and all things…

  • Live From Portland Maine. For 30 minutes.

    Tonight, it was a show put on by Josh Madore and his band at Portland’s venerable rock club Geno’s. I played a thirty minute solo set. It was a pleasant way to end 2009’s performance calendar…doubling tempos and turning slow songs into downright angry ones. Maybe somebody had spiked my chocolate milk. That’s it for…

  • Last Show for 2009

    Joshua Madore offered it. I said yeah. At Geno’s in Portland, for some reason. A 30-minute set in the beginning @ 9PM. Solo with just a guitar this time. A few stories. A couple pints. See you there. More info on MySpace.