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  • New Lyrics

    New Lyrics

    As we’ve been recording and playing new material, we’ve discussed titles. No decisions yet. Tim has another band project. More on that soon.

  • Where’s The Book?

    A few weeks back, I had mentioned that I would post a page from We Are Revealed. I never did…but I can explain. There were some copyright concerns so I was told to hang loose, wait for the blahblahblah and the papermcwork and generally not be so jumpy. Sorry…I know your day hinged on this.…

  • New Lyrics Posted

    Way ahead of the grunt work for the new CD, I decided to post the lyrics. As a kid, I would pore through my records, decoding them, writing the words in notebooks. There was a lot of magic in that. Unfortunately, when it’s your own writing things are a bit different. Click here for the…

  • New CD – Lyrics

    The lyrics below are from one of the new tracks, Answers. Posting them to clarify some earlier quotes. Thx Stop and then explain this The words you say are painless It’s easier to kill these plans Stop packing up these boxes These garbage bags of dresses And tell me I don’t understand The words say…