Month: March 2012

  • From 2001, “Markers On The Table”

    From 2001, “Markers On The Table”

    A few people (okay 2) have asked for a re-release of some of the old Pola songs (circa 1999-2001). Pola was a project of mine that I started before There Is No Sin (a few years after Einstein). We put out a few self-made CDs. It was very humble and didn’t really go anywhere. The…

  • New CD. Free Song.

    New CD. Free Song.

    As promised, we’re offering a free download from the new CD. “Misled” was recently featured on Maine Public Radio MPBN’s In Tune By Ten with Sara Willis. Thanks for listening. Download Now (you may have to right-click to save it)

  • March Madness and Other News

    March Madness and Other News

    March offers no downtime. To all of you One Longfellow attendees, thank you. You made for an entertaining night. Our upcoming forays include a live radio event and a few shows (easy ones, all local). It’s rather vague at the moment. Also, I’m posting a new track here this week.