Month: October 2011

  • Finally Revealed

    Finally Revealed

    Yesterday, the new CD was released. We’d promised digital first, so there you go. It’s been a manic 24 hours. Here are the links that I know of so far: Clip Records Online Store iTunes Amazon I’ll some more info soon. The release will be on Spotify and MOG despite earlier statements to the contrary.…

  • New Video Still

    New Video Still

    I just received a still from the video for “Practice Crawling.” It was filmed in LA by Rukshan Thenuwara, the same director who created the noir video for “El Cid,” and it’s amazing. The video will be released in early December.

  • French Tour 2011

    French Tour 2011

    I didn’t want to leave France. None of us did. It didn’t start that way though. We arrived to chaos. The car at Charles de Gaulle was a no show and Tim was already in Rennes, three hours south. My manly response? Hyperventilate. I had to perform in six hours. I was stranded. In a…