Month: January 2010

  • CD Giveaway

    Clip is going to do a promotion – through MySpace and Twitter I guess – to giveaway some quantity of the latest CDs. We’ll know more by 2/8. In the meantime, we’re going to shoot down a mountain on a toboggan. No ice bar. No stick figures. Stupid dresses.

  • Out of Commission

    Between being sick and one-legged, the world is now molasses. Back soon. Back with fires. And small little vials of the clearest liquid. It’s dispensary time. Singled out by the pain.

  • New Tracks Up

    Hello. New, new. We have some new, unheard recordings from the band here.

  • January 2010

    It’s the feeling that comes with a Delores Claiborne hobbling. The inability to escape. And it’s the ankle sprain that is causing this. I’m going to be setting a new recording space this month…slowly. In the meantime, there are other tracks to post. Newer ones. Older ones. Thanks to all of those radio stations out…

  • Troy’s Altered Pictures

    Troy has started a site called Altered Pictures. It’s a gallery for his personal, non-band related photography. Take a look! [UPDATE 5/30/2011: The AP site is undergoing some revisions and won’t be back up until the end of June 2011.]