Christophe On Ukelele

Christophe Garnier is the French photographer who created the amazing photographs for our last record, We Are Revealed. It was a joy to visit with him when we toured there.

You can see Christophe’s work here. He’s incredibly talented.

But he’s also a ukelele player! He sent us this video yesterday. It’s a cover of “Untitled,” which was also from that record. The video was shot near Christophe’s home in Yffiniac, which is near the coast in Brittany.

We love this!

And if you didn’t see it, here is the original song and video (though personally we prefer Christophe’s version). 🙂





One response to “Christophe On Ukelele”

  1. Christophe Avatar

    Thank you for this article and appreciate my video. It made me pleasure to play and sing this title I like since its first listen! I did my best because it’s been only 8 months I play the ukulele and it’s my third cover I sing. Okay Troy I’m far from your level 😉

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