Month: September 2009

  • Demo Track from 2008

    Here’s the track that we promised. [dm]4[/dm] Thanks, in a way, to the folks who voted for a trip back in time versus a loose track floating around.

  • Additional Track on MySpace

    We’ve posted another one of our boring, insipid tracks on the MySpace page. This one is filled with all of the sounds of a dying patient…and a hopelessness that even the dead can hear. It’s about a little girl and pink, pretty pony. Head over and revel in it!

  • Just Released! Video Up.

    The new music video has been posted all around. It features live footage shot in Maine and lines from a piece by frontman Troy Keiper. You can find it on our Video page. The text is inspired by a true story, as they say. There were eleven of us under the bridge. Two hurricanes in…