Under The Radar Magazine Feature

The first song off our new CD We Are Revealed has been chosen for inclusion in the Under The Radar Digital Sampler.

The song, “Arrive,” will be available as a download for magazine readers. They’re a quarterly so the next edition comes out at the end of July.

It’s a fun honor. One of my favorite indie magazines the last ten years. I’m elated.

The feature was announced to via press release on MI2N.





3 responses to “Under The Radar Magazine Feature”

  1. Nate Avatar

    Hey, this is cool. When does this issue come out? Chkd at my local and it was still Aziz issue

  2. TINSIMB Avatar

    Thx! Early August 🙂

  3. Maya Whiteker Avatar
    Maya Whiteker

    i’m excited for october release. sounds soo good!

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