Month: January 2013

  • Christophe On Ukelele

    Christophe On Ukelele

    Christophe Garnier is the French photographer who created the amazing photographs for our last record, We Are Revealed. It was a joy to visit with him when we toured there. You can see Christophe’s work here. He’s incredibly talented. But he’s also a ukelele player! He sent us this video yesterday. It’s a cover of…

  • Cover of “El Cid” by Geoff

    Cover of “El Cid” by Geoff

    The other day, one of our most enduring friends, Geoff Itz, sent me a video via Twitter. He had covered a song from our last album. I showed it to a few of my band mates and, universally, the first question was: how did he figure out the words? I wanted to feign insult at…

  • Play Loud

    Play Loud

    We are chalk lines Grass lined boxes We have no hope of Abandoned metros We lose our way We count our losses And nothing opens Again We down prescriptions Like mementos build up resistance To what upsetsĀ us You are the only one I believe We talk ourselves up We push our chests out We hide…