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  • New Lyrics

    New Lyrics

    As we’ve been recording and playing new material, we’ve discussed titles. No decisions yet. Tim has another band project. More on that soon.

  • New CD. Free Song.

    New CD. Free Song.

    As promised, we’re offering a free download from the new CD. “Misled” was recently featured on Maine Public Radio MPBN’s In Tune By Ten with Sara Willis. Thanks for listening. Download Now (you may have to right-click to save it)

  • Finally Revealed

    Finally Revealed

    Yesterday, the new CD was released. We’d promised digital first, so there you go. It’s been a manic 24 hours. Here are the links that I know of so far: Clip Records Online Store iTunes Amazon I’ll some more info soon. The release will be on Spotify and MOG despite earlier statements to the contrary.…

  • The Great Unveiling

    The new release is still a ways off but here’s a shot of one of the review copies. The disc sits on the front of the We Are Revealed book but it pops off. The photo by Christophe wraps around CD and it blends in. It adds a three-dimensional aspect. We wanted it to…bad joke…

  • New CD – Lyrics

    The lyrics below are from one of the new tracks, Answers. Posting them to clarify some earlier quotes. Thx Stop and then explain this The words you say are painless It’s easier to kill these plans Stop packing up these boxes These garbage bags of dresses And tell me I don’t understand The words say…

  • Updates & Thoughts

    It’s Thursday morning and the mixing process for the new disc has proven daunting. My lists keep getting longer. Everything feels like a last minute change. I’m getting too fussy. And this brings me to this update…in bullet format. The video contest from Clip Records ends on November 12th. The response has been great. If…

  • Recording at Busted Barn

    This musical fellow, Pete Morse, is a bit of a miracle worker behind the mixing console. As the producer and engineer of the new recording project, he’s been wildly successful at keeping my primitively circular mind in check. What was supposed to be a two week project has stretched on, though happily so. The rough…

  • The Decision

    My germinating idea was that this record would be a sprawling, collective effort. Getting musicians in the right place at the right time isn’t always easy though. I’ve found myself playing all of the instruments again. The good news is that the producer has been helping out and contributing a bit of electric guitar. Leslie’s…

  • Get Your CD Free Now from Twitter

    There’s more info on the MySpace blog, but it’s pretty easy. Clip Records is giving away 10 free CDs this week. Just follow us on Twitter and send us a tweet. If you already follow us, that’s very nice of you, so just tweet if you want one. Thanks, Troy

  • CD Giveaway

    Clip is going to do a promotion – through MySpace and Twitter I guess – to giveaway some quantity of the latest CDs. We’ll know more by 2/8. In the meantime, we’re going to shoot down a mountain on a toboggan. No ice bar. No stick figures. Stupid dresses.