Month: April 2010

  • New CD Plans

    Questions have been posed about the CD that we’re planning for later in 2010. This one is a bit different from the current disc. We’re going to do a number of guest appearances with some Portland artists. Some pianos, some percussion, some banjo. We’ll see what happens. The live format won’t change. We’re sticking with…

  • Elliot Brown – Shiloh Video

    Elliot Brown is a New Zealand folk artist that we know from MySpace. He recently put out an appeal to friends and fans for some videos that he could pair with his music. As a fan, we though we’d oblige. We dragged some video equipment to a few locations in Portland, Maine along with a…

  • Two Tracks NYC

    We’ve been traveling quite a bit to NY and Boston. Some songs come back to life in the process. This time, we’ve got two. They’ll be out next week for download. Thanks everyone.