Edgar Wright and Trumpets

I’ve never been good with a horn. Brass instruments elude me. Maybe it’s something to do with my mouth or bad lungs. Might explain why I’m so terrible on the harmonica too.

I try though. Recorded once. Massive fail. Came off like I was bayoneting an ostrich.

On a totally irrelevant note, one of my heroes Edgar Wright sent me a funny tweet back. It’s great how a little sentence from somebody like Edgar can mean so much to us simple folk. It confirmed my suspicion that he’s a genuinely good guy.

Hot Fuzz quote of the day in his honor:

“I won’t argue that it was a no-holds-barred adrenaline fueled thrill-ride, but there’s no way that you could perpetrate that amount of carnage and mayhem and not incur a considerable amount of paperwork.”






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