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  • Edgar Wright and Trumpets

    I’ve never been good with a horn. Brass instruments elude me. Maybe it’s something to do with my mouth or bad lungs. Might explain why I’m so terrible on the harmonica too. I try though. Recorded once. Massive fail. Came off like I was bayoneting an ostrich. On a totally irrelevant note, one of my…

  • Get Your CD Free Now from Twitter

    There’s more info on the MySpace blog, but it’s pretty easy. Clip Records is giving away 10 free CDs this week. Just follow us on Twitter and send us a tweet. If you already follow us, that’s very nice of you, so just tweet if you want one. Thanks, Troy

  • Follow Us Around on Twitter

    Admittedly, we’re not tweeting as much as screwing around with daily commentary. But you’ll have this with small children. Not easy for them to maintain focus. We’ll play nicely, though. We’ll listen with apparent attention.  We’ll start up a friendly conversation if need be. But we probably won’t mention anything private. No one wants that.