Website For The New Record

The engines have started to churn out stuff for the new record. The biggest change has been that there is a website now just for the disc.

The images were taken by a U.S. photographer who does a lot of work with the homeless. I’ll pass on his info soon in a proper post. Seems like an amazing fellow.

Check out the website for We Are Revealed.





3 responses to “Website For The New Record”

  1. Laurena Avatar

    Not sure if I will get the honor to work with you Troy but regardless, We are Revealed gives me chills, and just to have been introduced to your music is a gift. I wish you much, much success.

  2. TINSIMB Avatar

    Thank you Laurena, that’s incredibly humbling. 🙂

  3. Laurena Avatar

    Please, the honor is mine!

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