Singles & Videos

We have two new singles planned.

El Cid has already started to show up on some airwaves. There’s a push by my Clip deputies to get it out to some unnamed, mysterious lands.

If you’re the sheriff of one of those mysterious, unnamed lands, please step forward and claim a prize! From me. Seriously. Not sure what it is yet though.

A silver badge?

The second single is slated for airplay a month from now. I don’t know the date exact yet. I recorded a backstage version of the song for Pop Culture Monster and it was posted on YouTube a few weeks ago. The CD version differs quite a bit. We’ll have updates on Twitter when it’s available. Both tracks should be up on MySpace at some point.

The Make Our Video Contest response was really great. Due to an issue with some ad timings, Clip extended the contest through Nov. 30th. If you’re a speedy filmmaker, there’s still time. 🙂





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