This song was recorded as an experiment. J’apprends le français. 🙂

The lyrics have now been adjusted thanks to the assistance of Christope Garnier. 🙂

The video for this song on YouTube was taken down due to a recording error. We’re shooting it again. It’s looking lovely out though so I imagine we’ll have it up this week. I’ll send out a tweet!



Avec les chiens à la plage.
Je vais nager passé les rochers.
Je voudrais une fin du monde.
La fin du monde,
ma fille.

Quand je ne peux pas te voir.
Au dessus des vagues.
Je vais te raconter des histoires.
La fin du monde,
ma fille.

Quand je dors, ils viennent,
ils te portent dans leurs bras.
Et tu ris.
Je ne sais pas nager.
La fin du monde,
ma fille.

With the dogs at the beach.
I will swim past the rocks
I would like an end to the world.
The end of the world,
my daughter.

When I can’t see you
over the waves
I tell you stories.
The end of the world,
my daughter

When I sleep, they come and
they carry you in their arms.
And you laugh.
You know, I not swimming.
The end of the world,
My daughter





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