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  • ER Live on YouTube

    ER Live on YouTube

    I recorded a live song today. If I go the way of Icarus, I wanted to leave with a smile. “ER” from the new CD.

  • Endormi


    This song was recorded as an experiment. J’apprends le français. 🙂 The lyrics have now been adjusted thanks to the assistance of Christope Garnier. 🙂 The video for this song on YouTube was taken down due to a recording error. We’re shooting it again. It’s looking lovely out though so I imagine we’ll have it…

  • Singles & Videos

    We have two new singles planned. El Cid has already started to show up on some airwaves. There’s a push by my Clip deputies to get it out to some unnamed, mysterious lands. If you’re the sheriff of one of those mysterious, unnamed lands, please step forward and claim a prize! From me. Seriously. Not…

  • Lucky You Video Shoot

    It’s a little-known fact that when we were taping the video for “Lucky You” I hired a homeless guy to assist. It set a precedent I think for future shoots too. In the morning I made a few phone calls to friends looking for a production assistant. It was very last minute. No luck. My…

  • Cute Fuzzy Fluffy Dancing Sheep

    Our newest video is up on YouTube. Think of it as the sequel to Citizen Kane.