TINS Update Jan 2017 Jan26

TINS Update Jan 2017

Troy was recording but a few things have upended the schedule. We’re looking at Fall 2017 and, for that, we’re truly sorry. In the meantime, enjoy this photograph of two people making artisanal coffee.

March Madness and Other News Mar12

March Madness and Other News

March offers no downtime. To all of you One Longfellow attendees, thank you. You made for an entertaining night. Our upcoming forays include a live radio event and a few shows (easy ones, all local). It’s rather vague at the moment. Also, I’m posting a new track here this week.

There Is No Sin – We Are Revealed Mar09

There Is No Sin R...

This image is from the last page of the book. The proofs arrived, so I spent a few hours doing just that: proofreading. It worked out. A bit of beer to ease the tedium of reading something for the umpteenth time. In a few weeks, we’ll have the first batches heading to the lovely folks...

New Lyrics Posted Jan13

New Lyrics Posted

Way ahead of the grunt work for the new CD, I decided to post the lyrics. As a kid, I would pore through my records, decoding them, writing the words in notebooks. There was a lot of magic in that. Unfortunately, when it’s your own writing things are a bit different. Click here for the...

Packing and Thinking Nov25

Packing and Thinking

When I’m in a hurry, with no time for note-taking, I tend to get a flurry of ideas that I will never remember. Without fail. I need to learn from my dodgy ways. I did have an idea for the new CD’s packaging though. I don’t want to whisper anything yet though. It’s a...