Updates & Thoughts

It’s Thursday morning and the mixing process for the new disc has proven daunting. My lists keep getting longer. Everything feels like a last minute change. I’m getting too fussy.

And this brings me to this update…in bullet format.

  • The video contest from Clip Records ends on November 12th. The response has been great. If you’re entering, thank you. Can’t wait to see. I’m crazy impatient about this event. 🙂
  • The next show is at the Big Easy in Portland with Benjamin Burgess and other guests. It’s a Friday night at 8PM. October 29th.
  • The French photographer Christophe Garnier did the album art for the upcoming CD. He deserves a lot of praise. The images are perfect. Take a look at his site.
  • I’ll be recording several YouTube videos of cover songs. I’m focusing on songs that I always wanted to hear stripped down. So far, Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd are under consideration. If you have any great ideas, send me a tweet.
  • The first CD has officially sold out and Clip Records is currently ordering another pressing. The Limited Edition versions have been long gone, but I’m calling this new batch the Constrained Edition.
  • Thanks to everyone who has been listening. I genuinely am humbled.






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