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  • March Madness and Other News

    March Madness and Other News

    March offers no downtime. To all of you One Longfellow attendees, thank you. You made for an entertaining night. Our upcoming forays include a live radio event and a few shows (easy ones, all local). It’s rather vague at the moment. Also, I’m posting a new track here this week.

  • 2011 In Review

    2011 In Review

    The last year proved to be a pretty amazing one for There Is No Sin. The new CD came out, they toured France and garnered some great press to boot. We thought it would be nice to put together a Year In Review. If we missed anything let us know! June 2011 The first video…

  • Interview with Australia’s The Cud

    A little while back, Evan Kanarakis of The Cud was kind enough to listen to my upcoming CD and lend me his thoughts. The following link is for an interview that we did a month ago. Do I spill on it? A smidge. But only a smidge. You can read it here.

  • Regrets & Effects

    If you search for “There Is No Sin” on YouTube, you’ll find two things: Our┬ámusic videos, live shows and some fan made videos. Even an animation. Sermons, homophobic diatribes, Christian songs and a few indecipherable films from what appear to be the 70s. This is where the topic of regret comes in. I’m an atheist.…

  • Updates & Thoughts

    It’s Thursday morning and the mixing process for the new disc has proven daunting. My lists keep getting longer. Everything feels like a last minute change. I’m getting too fussy. And this brings me to this update…in bullet format. The video contest from Clip Records ends on November 12th. The response has been great. If…

  • January 2010

    It’s the feeling that comes with a Delores Claiborne hobbling. The inability to escape. And it’s the ankle sprain that is causing this. I’m going to be setting a new recording space this month…slowly. In the meantime, there are other tracks to post. Newer ones. Older ones. Thanks to all of those radio stations out…