TINS Update Jan 2017 Jan26

TINS Update Jan 2017

Troy has been recording tracks for the new record but a few things have thrown off the release date. This is his explanation: Winter and the dark events surrounding it. Wine. A bad brawl. Vague info from Nostradamus. Laundry. He’ll be back in April with the release, we expect. In the meantime, enjoy this photograph of two people consumed with making artisanal coffee.

3rd Record by TINS Nov16

3rd Record by TINS

Hi everyone. Considering that the first record took three years to compile and its followup two, I had high hopes and an aspirational spirit. In the middle of 2016, things were looking to be on track. I have over 20 tracks that need pliers taken to them. Back in 2009, I called this project “There Is No Sin in My Body.” My ADD lead me to shorten this to “There Is No Sin” a few years later. In my mind, I’m pairing it down to just TINS (check back next year for the chosen remaining letter). T!N$ was ruled out because it looked too much like a financial equation. Quick answers: Will this release come with...

New Lyrics Oct19

New Lyrics

As we’ve been recording and playing new material, we’ve discussed titles. No decisions yet. Tim has another band project. More on that soon.

Free The Records Feb20

Free The Records

We’re giving away our first two records through March 30. Whatever you do, don’t buy them from iTunes. You’ll feel ripped off, burrow it deep inside and, at our next show, approach us with a metaphorical ax to grind. Not a literal ax. That would be messed up. Thanks for...

Album. Traveling. Sep05

Album. Traveling.

Greetings from Barcelona. Here for a week. In our downtime, we’re chatting up the local skaters for Devil Street Decks and documenting graffiti (like we do). Here is what we know: We have been auditioning songs, recording and playing tiny shows. The first new songs will precede the...

Kino Proby at Space Jul16

Kino Proby at Space

If you’ve never heard of Kino Proby, they’re a cover band that I first caught in the early 2000s. They play raucously fun covers of Viktor Tsoi’s 80s Russian punk band Kino. You must...

Gascan Magazine May08

Gascan Magazine

Evan Kanarakis and I had a conversation last year that lead to yet another side project for us. Gascan Magazine is an online music journal was highlights the music that we like and the people who will talk to us. Our goal was to create a non-critical, non-holier-than-thou publication that we...

Port City Blue: “Accidental Animals” Jan08

Port City Blue: R...

My photos are up for a month at Port City Blue. The theme? Animals that I’ve bumped into around the world. A horse taking a shower in Nice, France. A cow wandering along the highway in northern California. My first impulse was to use the street photographs that I’d taken but I...

New Release? Dec08

New Release?

Yep. End of 2014. While we’re away, you should listen to Perfume Genius playing Neil Young’s “Helpless”