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  • Christophe On Ukelele

    Christophe On Ukelele

    Christophe Garnier is the French photographer who created the amazing photographs for our last record, We Are Revealed. It was a joy to visit with him when we toured there. You can see Christophe’s work here. He’s incredibly talented. But he’s also a ukelele player! He sent us this video yesterday. It’s a cover of…

  • Cover of “El Cid” by Geoff

    Cover of “El Cid” by Geoff

    The other day, one of our most enduring friends, Geoff Itz, sent me a video via Twitter. He had covered a song from our last album. I showed it to a few of my band mates and, universally, the first question was: how did he figure out the words? I wanted to feign insult at…

  • Music Video For “Untitled”

    Music Video For “Untitled”

    A short film by Ruwan starring actress Marla Simone. A brilliant little piece.

  • New CD. Free Song.

    New CD. Free Song.

    As promised, we’re offering a free download from the new CD. “Misled” was recently featured on Maine Public Radio MPBN’s In Tune By Ten with Sara Willis. Thanks for listening. Download Now (you may have to right-click to save it)

  • New Video on YouTube

    New Video on YouTube

    Last year, I talked to Rukshan Thenuwara (the director of our “El Cid” video) and pitched to him an idea for “Practice Crawling.” He asked maybe four or five questions. There were a few quick drafts but that was it. In a few months, he’d put down the monkey’s corporate life in black & white.…

  • 2011 In Review

    2011 In Review

    The last year proved to be a pretty amazing one for There Is No Sin. The new CD came out, they toured France and garnered some great press to boot. We thought it would be nice to put together a Year In Review. If we missed anything let us know! June 2011 The first video…

  • Finally Revealed

    Finally Revealed

    Yesterday, the new CD was released. We’d promised digital first, so there you go. It’s been a manic 24 hours. Here are the links that I know of so far: Clip Records Online Store iTunes Amazon I’ll some more info soon. The release will be on Spotify and MOG despite earlier statements to the contrary.…

  • New Video Still

    New Video Still

    I just received a still from the video for “Practice Crawling.” It was filmed in LA by Rukshan Thenuwara, the same director who created the noir video for “El Cid,” and it’s amazing. The video will be released in early December.

  • ER Live on YouTube

    ER Live on YouTube

    I recorded a live song today. If I go the way of Icarus, I wanted to leave with a smile. “ER” from the new CD.

  • Interview with Australia’s The Cud

    A little while back, Evan Kanarakis of The Cud was kind enough to listen to my upcoming CD and lend me his thoughts. The following link is for an interview that we did a month ago. Do I spill on it? A smidge. But only a smidge. You can read it here.