And Now You Know…

I’m happy you’re here. Thank you. If you want to say hello or send us a tweet, I’ll explain everything.

Here is the latest on the upcoming CD:

  • Recording starts on Aug 12th at Busted Barn in Portland, Maine. It will feature 10 or 11 new songs.
  • Cover art is by the wonderful French photographer, Christophe Garnier.
  • The disc will be available sometime in 2011 on iTunes and retail CD. No plans for vinyl yet…though I have been asked. Indie stores will have it available as a special order item. Not sure about other online music outlets.
  • The songs were all written but the recording with feature collaborations with several other artists to be named. It’s very impromptu and the roughness of the first disc will be carried over.
  • There will be two new videos out for the first singles. The dates for these aren’t finalized yet.
  • Two release shows are scheduled. Looking at possibly Boston and NYc. Other dates and cities may be pending (sorry, this is not as useful info as I’d hoped). There are plans for a European tour last 2011.
  • The title of the CD is still up in the air. Again with the vagueness. Oh well…

Thanks for listening. I’ll have some practical info soon.





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