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  • New Video Still

    New Video Still

    I just received a still from the video for “Practice Crawling.” It was filmed in LA by Rukshan Thenuwara, the same director who created the noir video for “El Cid,” and it’s amazing. The video will be released in early December.

  • Endormi


    This song was recorded as an experiment. J’apprends le français. 🙂 The lyrics have now been adjusted thanks to the assistance of Christope Garnier. 🙂 The video for this song on YouTube was taken down due to a recording error. We’re shooting it again. It’s looking lovely out though so I imagine we’ll have it…

  • Lucky You Video Shoot

    It’s a little-known fact that when we were taping the video for “Lucky You” I hired a homeless guy to assist. It set a precedent I think for future shoots too. In the morning I made a few phone calls to friends looking for a production assistant. It was very last minute. No luck. My…

  • Backstage Video Exclusive at Pop Culture Monster

    I had hesitations about putting out a video that some friends taped on a lark. It was shot with an iPhone, in a cramped hallway, it was awfully rough and a new song to boot. Too late to worry about that now. 🙂 Pop Culture Monster is a website created by two Irish gents, Ciarán Reinhardt…

  • Music Video Just Out. A MySpace Video Exclusive!

    One more song from the latest CD has made it to video. This time, it’s one of the saddest songs of the year, Performing. Troy performed the song solo for the record and its lyrical content seems befitting of a video featuring building implosions, a mixed martial arts knockout, a surfing wipeout, and all things…

  • Cute Fuzzy Fluffy Dancing Sheep

    Our newest video is up on YouTube. Think of it as the sequel to Citizen Kane.