• From 2001, “Markers On The Table”

    From 2001, “Markers On The Table”

    A few people (okay 2) have asked for a re-release of some of the old Pola songs (circa 1999-2001). Pola was a project of mine that I started before There Is No Sin (a few years after Einstein). We put out a few self-made CDs. It was very humble and didn’t really go anywhere. The…

  • New CD. Free Song.

    New CD. Free Song.

    As promised, we’re offering a free download from the new CD. “Misled” was recently featured on Maine Public Radio MPBN’s In Tune By Ten with Sara Willis. Thanks for listening. Download Now (you may have to right-click to save it)

  • March Madness and Other News

    March Madness and Other News

    March offers no downtime. To all of you One Longfellow attendees, thank you. You made for an entertaining night. Our upcoming forays include a live radio event and a few shows (easy ones, all local). It’s rather vague at the moment. Also, I’m posting a new track here this week.

  • Show! Portland, Maine!

    Show! Portland, Maine!

    You don’t want to miss this. Unless you hate us (but then why are you here, that’s super weird). The band will be playing the new CD along with material from the from the first Clip Records release. One Longfellow Square. Congress Street in Portland. The show starts at 8. Doors around 7. Here are…

  • New Video on YouTube

    New Video on YouTube

    Last year, I talked to Rukshan Thenuwara (the director of our “El Cid” video) and pitched to him an idea for “Practice Crawling.” He asked maybe four or five questions. There were a few quick drafts but that was it. In a few months, he’d put down the monkey’s corporate life in black & white.…

  • Portland Show Feb 23rd

    Portland Show Feb 23rd

    After the surprise nod from the last Portland Phoenix of 2011, we had a number of people ask us about a Portland show. We had to scramble a bit and the lovely people of One Longfellow were able to fit us in. Our We Are Revealed celebration party will be held February 23rd at 8PM.…

  • 2011 In Review

    2011 In Review

    The last year proved to be a pretty amazing one for There Is No Sin. The new CD came out, they toured France and garnered some great press to boot. We thought it would be nice to put together a Year In Review. If we missed anything let us know! June 2011 The first video…

  • Somebody and Me Show

    Somebody and Me Show

    I recently recorded a live interview with Chicago’s Somebody and Me show. It’s a comedy podcast that often features Chicago bands. It was a bit revealing for someone who doesn’t like confess to much. Sadly, the Skype connection was a bit wonky though and we weren’t able to play a game. It’s always an entertaining show. You can…

  • Finally Revealed

    Finally Revealed

    Yesterday, the new CD was released. We’d promised digital first, so there you go. It’s been a manic 24 hours. Here are the links that I know of so far: Clip Records Online Store iTunes Amazon I’ll some more info soon. The release will be on Spotify and MOG despite earlier statements to the contrary.…

  • New Video Still

    New Video Still

    I just received a still from the video for “Practice Crawling.” It was filmed in LA by Rukshan Thenuwara, the same director who created the noir video for “El Cid,” and it’s amazing. The video will be released in early December.