Somebody and Me Show Dec20

Somebody and Me Show

I recently recorded a live interview with Chicago’s Somebody and Me show. It’s a comedy podcast that often features Chicago bands. It was a bit revealing for someone who doesn’t like confess to much. Sadly, the Skype connection was a bit wonky though and we weren’t...

ER Live on YouTube Sep28

ER Live on YouTube

I recorded a live song today. If I go the way of Icarus, I wanted to leave with a smile. “ER” from the new CD.

Troy’s Altered Pictures Jan02

Troy’s Altered...

Troy has started a site called Altered Pictures. It’s a gallery for his personal, non-band related photography. Take a look! [UPDATE 5/30/2011: The AP site is undergoing some revisions and won’t be back up until the end of June 2011.]