Gascan Magazine May08

Gascan Magazine

Evan Kanarakis and I had a conversation last year that lead to yet another side project for us. Gascan Magazine is an online music journal was highlights the music that we like and the people who will talk to us. Our goal was to create a non-critical, non-holier-than-thou publication that we...

Port City Blue: “Accidental Animals” Jan08

Port City Blue: R...

My photos are up for a month at Port City Blue. The theme? Animals that I’ve bumped into around the world. A horse taking a shower in Nice, France. A cow wandering along the highway in northern California. My first impulse was to use the street photographs that I’d taken but I...

Play Loud Jan03

Play Loud

We are chalk lines Grass lined boxes We have no hope of Abandoned metros We lose our way We count our losses And nothing opens Again We down prescriptions Like mementos build up resistance To what upsets us You are the only one I believe We talk ourselves up We push our chests out We hide...

Joshua Madore Dec10

Joshua Madore

This Friday is your one chance to catch a live intimate show of some new material. Joshua Madore’s band will be playing as well. Let’s drink. Location: Not at One Longfellow as pictured. Slainte on Preble. Date/Time: This Friday at 9PM.

At The Kennedys Jul06

At The Kennedys

We weren’t down in Hyannis Port for photos. Mostly drinking. Drinking and some photos.