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  • Gascan Magazine

    Gascan Magazine

    Evan Kanarakis and I had a conversation last year that lead to yet another side project for us. Gascan Magazine is an online music journal was highlights the music that we like and the people who will talk to us. Our goal was to create a non-critical, non-holier-than-thou publication that we could use to counteract…

  • Review on MuzikReviews.com

    Our first CD was recently reviewed on the MuzikReviews website by music writer Rukshan Thenuwara. I’d like to thank Rukshan. It was an insightful assessment (even though the last paragraph was not easy to swallow). I’m happy…that CD was definitely an acquired taste for some. Read on at MuzikReviews’ site. I’d like to thank Rukshan.…

  • CD Giveaway

    Clip is going to do a promotion – through MySpace and Twitter I guess – to giveaway some quantity of the latest CDs. We’ll know more by 2/8. In the meantime, we’re going to shoot down a mountain on a toboggan. No ice bar. No stick figures. Stupid dresses.

  • Music Video Just Out. A MySpace Video Exclusive!

    One more song from the latest CD has made it to video. This time, it’s one of the saddest songs of the year, Performing. Troy performed the song solo for the record and its lyrical content seems befitting of a video featuring building implosions, a mixed martial arts knockout, a surfing wipeout, and all things…