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  • Music Video For “Untitled”

    Music Video For “Untitled”

    A short film by Ruwan starring actress Marla Simone. A brilliant little piece.

  • New Video on YouTube

    New Video on YouTube

    Last year, I talked to Rukshan Thenuwara (the director of our “El Cid” video) and pitched to him an idea for “Practice Crawling.” He asked maybe four or five questions. There were a few quick drafts but that was it. In a few months, he’d put down the monkey’s corporate life in black & white.…

  • El Cid Video Director’s Cut

    The original version of this video was created several months ago for Clip Records. It was a contest submission by the filmmaker Rukshan Thenuwara and it won. The great thing is that it was created without any input by me. The song isn’t about alcoholism but the video proved to be a great example of…

  • Elliot Brown – Shiloh Video

    Elliot Brown is a New Zealand folk artist that we know from MySpace. He recently put out an appeal to friends and fans for some videos that he could pair with his music. As a fan, we though we’d oblige. We dragged some video equipment to a few locations in Portland, Maine along with a…