Just Released! Video Up.

The new music video has been posted all around. It features live footage shot in Maine and lines from a piece by frontman Troy Keiper.NYC From the Bowery Hotel You can find it on our Video page.

The text is inspired by a true story, as they say.

There were eleven of us
under the bridge.
Two hurricanes in the
first year.

The jaundice guy with the old dog
was schizophrenic.
No food was safe left alone.
I slept in stages…gripping cocobolo.

I took a job in a restaurant
washing dishes.
The waitresses were cute but

Summer took forever to come,
for the little antelope to wander.
I had the perfect spot
in a stalled development.

The yellow light on her
butterfly barrettes
and her orange lipstick
and the sound of her breath.

It was everything that I’d
hoped for, more that I’d planned.
Most days, I’d sneak back to
say hello to her!

I wanted to quit dishwashing
but I was afraid to.
I thought it was better to
not change a thing.

The Polish couple talked too much
and I couldn’t leave for THREE MONTHS.
I thought of the really good year in
the Baton Rouge house.

It would have been different
if I’d taken his wallet and gone to TX.
I get into these circles.
I stay trapped now. And why?!

I just answer the man’s questions and
smile and go through my routine.
It’s easier if you do that
and make them feel like your friend.

Just wish that she could come though.
It’d be more exciting.
Hard without a car though
and not a lot saved.

When I was really little I had
a cockatiel named Rocky.
My mother said it was very important
to not blame myself when he died.






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