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  • Where’s The Book?

    A few weeks back, I had mentioned that I would post a page from We Are Revealed. I never did…but I can explain. There were some copyright concerns so I was told to hang loose, wait for the blahblahblah and the papermcwork and generally not be so jumpy. Sorry…I know your day hinged on this.…

  • Sunday Night

    The topic of the day: potential covers for shows. There’s always a bit of room to pay tribute to an artist. Do you have a song that you’d love more if it were revamped by some derelict crooner with a guitar? Let me know on Twitter! Thx! Go to Twitter Now or, as a random…

  • Two Tracks NYC

    We’ve been traveling quite a bit to NY and Boston. Some songs come back to life in the process. This time, we’ve got two. They’ll be out next week for download. Thanks everyone.

  • New Tracks Up

    Hello. New, new. We have some new, unheard recordings from the band here.