TINS Update Jan 2017 Jan26

TINS Update Jan 2017

Troy was recording but a few things have upended the schedule. We’re looking at Fall 2017 and, for that, we’re truly sorry. In the meantime, enjoy this photograph of two people making artisanal coffee.

Third Record Nov16

Third Record

Hi everyone. I’ve drafted a chart that shows how incredibly lazy I am. There is no Sin in Sin My Body: 2009 We Are Revealed: 2011 I had high hopes and an aspirational spirit. 2016 seemed to be an easy goal. Not so. Not so at all. Quick answers that do not explain the delay: Will this release come with a book? No. Is it another concept record? Yes…sorry. Who is playing on it? Mostly me. I am bringing more stuff this time. Thus the delay! Is there a tour planned? Not in the US. Possibly FR. Will it be free like the others? Yes. Thank you for being interested. I am lucky....

Album. Traveling. Sep05

Album. Traveling.

Greetings from Barcelona. Here for a week. In our downtime, we’re chatting up the local skaters for Devil Street Decks and documenting graffiti (like we do). Here is what we know: We have been auditioning songs, recording and playing tiny shows. The first new songs will precede the...