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  • First Record

    First Record

    Clip Records is releasing the first record this month. It’s been out-of-print for a little while. This new version will include two demo tracks and one of the songs that didn’t make it the first time around. It will be fun to hear. I’ve sent over the files. See how it turns out. Also, I…

  • New Release?

    New Release?

    Yep. End of 2014. While we’re away, you should listen to Perfume Genius playing Neil Young’s “Helpless”

  • New Record Details

    Record #2 in July? That’s my goal. Maybe August. I’m hunting for studio space at the moment. The details are draped in fog, but there will be ten tracks or so and guest appearances by people that we trust and love. Other than a few shows in September, I no useful live information yet. This…