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  • Show! Portland, Maine!

    Show! Portland, Maine!

    You don’t want to miss this. Unless you hate us (but then why are you here, that’s super weird). The band will be playing the new CD along with material from the from the first Clip Records release. One Longfellow Square. Congress Street in Portland. The show starts at 8. Doors around 7. Here are…

  • Portland Show Feb 23rd

    Portland Show Feb 23rd

    After the surprise nod from the last Portland Phoenix of 2011, we had a number of people ask us about a Portland show. We had to scramble a bit and the lovely people of One Longfellow were able to fit us in. Our We Are Revealed celebration party will be held February 23rd at 8PM.…

  • The JV

    The JV

    It’s not Junior Varsity. These shots were taken August 23rd, 2011 by Portland, Maine photographer Jessica Verry. It was our first Portland performance of the new CD and a first with the full band. As always, Terez from Blue on Congress St. was a gracious host. The show was sold out. We have wonderful friends.…

  • New Tour Dates (Updated)

    New Tour Dates (Updated)

    We’ve started adding more shows before the CD comes out in October. The solo shows in Vermont and Portland were a lot of fun. If you came out, thanks for being a test subject. 😉 The rest of the shows are with the band: Tim McNamara (guitar, bass) and Leslie Deane (vocals, percussion, keyboards). They’re…

  • There Is No Sin at The Big Easy

    A fan emailed this photo from my last show at The Big Easy. She asked me to not credit her for some reason. Maybe she’s on the lam or embarrassed that her photos were blurry. Either way, thanks good citizen of the music world. 🙂 Next show is at Blue in Portland in August. Details…

  • Live Show – The Big Easy Friday 11/26

    I’ll be at The Big Easy this Friday. I’ll be running through the new material…testing it out live. We’re hoping for a raucous Halloween mood. Maybe I’ll break out one of my Lady Gage costumes.

  • Live Show – Blue Tuesday 9/7

    To everyone who came out on the seventh, I love you. You were amazing. Really. Thank you.