Somebody and Me Show Dec20

Somebody and Me Show

I recently recorded a live interview with Chicago’s Somebody and Me show. It’s a comedy podcast that often features Chicago bands. It was a bit revealing for someone who doesn’t like confess to much. Sadly, the Skype connection was a bit wonky though and we weren’t...

Interview with Australia’s The Cud Sep26

Interview with Austr...

A little while back, Evan Kanarakis of The Cud was kind enough to listen to my upcoming CD and lend me his thoughts. The following link is for an interview that we did a month ago. Do I spill on it? A smidge. But only a smidge. You can read it here.

Interview May28


Hello everyone. There is an interview on the Clip Records website. It’s awfully boring though–filled with hyperbole and misinformation–I’d recommend you avoid it. Our best to you in your fine leather coat and your British racing green MG.