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  • Get A Free Rare Track

    You can download a free track from us this week. A few weeks ago we offered a song called “Kitchen Light” and your responses were wonderful. Now you can grab the acoustic number, “Small Gray.” Thanks to everyone for downloading the track. That was great. Small Gray is no longer available, so get some other…

  • Get Your CD Free Now from Twitter

    There’s more info on the MySpace blog, but it’s pretty easy. Clip Records is giving away 10 free CDs this week. Just follow us on Twitter and send us a tweet. If you already follow us, that’s very nice of you, so just tweet if you want one. Thanks, Troy

  • CD Giveaway

    Clip is going to do a promotion – through MySpace and Twitter I guess – to giveaway some quantity of the latest CDs. We’ll know more by 2/8. In the meantime, we’re going to shoot down a mountain on a toboggan. No ice bar. No stick figures. Stupid dresses.