New Lyrics Jul13

New Lyrics

As we’ve been recording and playing new material, we’ve discussed titles. I’ve never been to Vegas so it can’t be title. Your mouth is out of sync with your words If I can connect the points I’ll only like you We are lights that won’t light up anymore hungover in a elevator doused with soap and propped on walls See you...

3rd Record Mar05

3rd Record

We are working on the 3rd album. Our old one-take habits die hard. Apologies to the poor soul who will have to master this thing. For example, this vocal had to be recorded in a closet-sized bathroom. Troy

Free The Records Feb20

Free The Records

We’re giving away our first two records through March 30. Whatever you do, don’t buy them from iTunes. You’ll feel ripped off, burrow it deep inside and, at our next show, approach us with a metaphorical ax to grind. Not a literal ax. That would be messed up. Thanks for listening. Here you...

Album. Traveling. Sep05

Album. Traveling.

Greetings from Barcelona. Here for a week. In our downtime, we’re chatting up the local skaters for Devil Street Decks and documenting graffiti (like we do). Here is what we know: We have been auditioning songs, recording and playing tiny shows. The first new songs will precede the album by a month or two. This will be our first digital only release. No discs. This is not the upbeat record we promised. Clip friends have picked “Some Book by Ondaatje” as the first single. Tim and Al would be willing to wear tuxedos for the next show but not baby blue 70s suits. More soon....

Kino Proby at Space Jul16

Kino Proby at Space

If you’ve never heard of Kino Proby, they’re a cover band that I first caught in the early 2000s. They play raucously fun covers of Viktor Tsoi’s 80s Russian punk band Kino. You must...